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Cutting Edge Color

When it comes to home paint colors, there are certain colors that remain timeless, and others trend in and out. If you’re looking to update your home in the most cutting edge colors of 2013, here’s a look at what colors will be hottest in 2014. Let the Edina House Painting pros at CertaPro help you out with your color choices.


Gray has always been a go-to neutral, and it is going to be popular in 2014, but with the new twist of being paired with natural accent colors. Gray may seem like an industrial choice, but the right shade can actually be warm and sophisticated. Choosing the right shade can be tough, so call us, your Edina House Painting experts for advice.

These colors will represent an urban, technology driven lifestyle. They may be paired with earthy neutrals. We may see interiors featuring several shades of gray paired with coffee and walnut shades of brown, for example. This combination can be surprisingly grounding and have a very warm effect.

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Delicate and Sheer

Delicate pearly shades such as dusky beige, milky rose and soft cream will be in fashion in 2014. These are very feminine, gentle shades that featured largely on late 2013 fashion catwalks and have begun to appear in home and garden magazines, representing a major shift away from rugged shades and into more pastel shades. The milky and dusky hues tend to be the sophisticated answer to candy-colored pastels.

Many of these tones are excellently paired with ocean inspired blues. In addition offering Edina House Painting services, we can also help you choose inspiring color schemes for your home.

Jewel Tones

Strong tones such as peacock, plum, eggplant and deep gray are gaining in popularity as interior wall colors. These are beautifully paired with light neutrals that don’t fight for attention.

Nature Inspired

Natural colors are always popular. The nature-inspired palette of 2014 will include the usual eggshell and oceanic inspirations, but with some brighter colors thrown in as well.  Hunter green and pumpkin orange will be seen, as well as orchid purple and bright sky blue.

Subdued Simplicity

The overall color trends seem to be heading towards a muted and calm overall feel. There are few pops of exciting bright colors, but the overall effects of the most popular colors for 2014 are going to be simple and understated. The overall design impact of modern homes is a functional and low-key, yet aesthetically pleasing effect. Choose us as your Edina House Painting experts today to get started with one of the cutting edge and timeless colors of 2014.

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